Do the annoying work of preserving ordering for these cards. Either have to sync the full order of all cards to the backend every time or create some kind of linked-list-esque data structure with each note pointing to the next note.
Build out this to-do application with support for adding, deleting, and moving TODOs.
Try out Svelte UI framework by itself without SvelteKit to get a feel for the framework and how it compares to React and other things.
Set up automatic backups for the SQLite database


Add support for having multiple pages/projects of todos with UI for switching between them. Will need to update the API side as well of course and migrate the database.
Deploy this to-do application to my server, configure NGINX proxy server, and set up routing + DNS
Make it so that hitting the endpoint for changing boards if not authenticated does nothing



Write blog post about my thoughts on SvelteKit, my experience of trying it out for the first time, and how it compares to other methods for building full-stack web apps.